The strategic mission of the company is to identify and introduce to the Greek medical community, technologically intelligent solutions for treating health problems with particular emphasis to serious brain disorders and diseases.



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Embracing all that is given by mother nature will make you feel deeply relaxed and very happy


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Today, our company is an established and valued distributor in the area of brain neurosurgery represent in innovative manufacturers such as Sonowand (Norway), Dixi Medical (France), Compumedic (Australia).


RESCUE SAM is a semi-automatic external defibrillator designed for providing simple and direct voice prompts and indications for a straightforward rescue operation. It is lightweight and battery powered for maximum portability.

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The NBT® System is a New Therapeutic Device

The Navigated Brain Therapy (NBT®) System is a device that uses navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) for use in stroke rehabilitation.

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Exclusive representatives


SONOWAND is dedicated to supporting you and others involved in treating patients that require brain surgery with intraoperative imaging innovations, to make you feel confident that you are providing the best patient care in the most efficient manner, ultimately helping patients to endure the change and embrace life anew.

By freehand movement

of the ultrasound probe you can acquire image volume in 3D in 30 seconds or less. Then you will have an accurate image volume, ready to be navigated in.

Predictability generated

by high quality images. The development of ultra sound guided surgery has revolutionized neurosurgery by providing a perspective of the human brain beyond the scope of our eyes.

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