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Cranial lock titanium skull supports

Titanium skull supports which are used in neurosurgery cases. They are produced by IRENE of Naton Group.

The below part enters down the inside skull and remain stable thus the upper part is moving around until stabilized in the final position.

An instrument is going attached with the implants to secure the cranial rod and finally cut it in the secure position.

It comes in two sizes: 12mm,16mm


The titanium cranial system IRENE is used to stabilize the skull in neurosurgery cases. Titanium screws and different plates are used in order to secure the skull in a proper position. The implants are made by IRENE medical of NATON GROUP.

All the items are made of titanium and come in different forms and sizes to secure the skull. The screws are 1.5-2.00mm in width and 4-8mm in length. There are self-drilled and self-cutting to ensure the proper insertion.

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