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Future Plans & Goals

The future of our Company is seen to progress along two axes. The first initiative focuses on the home market where we seek to add strong international partners to our relationship portfolio who would help us launch new value adding propositions. The second initiative points towards expansion to Balkan countries where we intend to blend some of our existing product portfolio with new and promising contracts. Our research has released very encouraging signals from that front which we are keen to pursue further. Romania is our priority market at this stage. The business environment appears fertile for well organized distributors and the medical community looks eager to endorse new ideas. We have made presentations on some of our product offerings which were very well received, have built a list of influential contacts and are moving forward with the opening of a representation office in this country. We believe that our business record, quality of resources and dedication to operating at high standards provide a solid base to pursue growth opportunities in the domestic and international arena.

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