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Neuraxon Ltd. was founded in April 2008 by a team of professionals with a wealth of expertise in areas such as clinical medicine, sales and marketing of medical products, quality management, technical servicing of medical devices. The strategic mission of the company is to identify and introduce to the Greek medical community, technologically intelligent solutions for treating health problems with particular emphasis to serious brain disorders and diseases. The business scope spans into representation, import, marketing, sales and on-the-field support. During these years, Neuraxon has recorded a dynamic commercial and financial performance and has navigated an uncertain market environment in very good shape.

Today, our company is an established and valued distributor in the area of brain neurosurgery represent in innovative manufacturers such as Sonowand (Norway), Dixi Medical (France), Compumedic (Australia). The main specialization is Neuronavigation where we make available to medical practitioners state of the art diagnostic equipment for use in delicate brain surgeries. A substantial investment in high performance 3D ultrasound imaging systems has given us a strong competitive advantage in this field. We have been awarded by Cyberonics (USA) the representation and distribution for Greece, Kazakhstan, Romania and Bulgaria of its VNS Therapy system for the treatment of epilepsy.

One of our major assets is a deep client base which includes the majority of large public hospitals, integrated private clinics and the faculty of medical schools in Greece. An indispensable aspect of our business philosophy is to nurture these relationships through multi-dimensional contacts with the healthcare professionals including active collaborations in clinical research, joint training programs, participation in scientific workshops, co-presentations in conferences. Dedicated teams of sale and technical personnel work along-side the medical experts to deliver the best possible treatment to patients.









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