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Art World Medical

Cervical disc

The mobile cervical disc Neophytos, is an alternative to the fusion method with a cage and a cervical plate that restricts motion.
This dynamic method is ideal for the treatment of disc herniation in the cervical region in one or multiple levels. It’s produced by Art World Medical.

The cervical disc is anatomical and designed in a way that can be retain a normal range of motion: flexion, extension, rotation, lateral flexion and combination of movements.

It has been successfully tested for bearing loads of 5.000.000 cycles.


One prosthesis item
Normal range of motion
Ease of placement
Unique instrument:
Sizes: 12,14mm length
14,16mm width
5,6,7mm height

Interspinous Dynamic U implant

The Interspinous dynamic spine prosthesis is for the lumbar region, for one or two level (L1-L5). It is made of black titanium which gives protection against viruses. It is produced by Art World Medical.

The prosthesis U can be stabilized either with suture or a pair of small titanium pins which are pressed together.

The instrumentation set is very useful and contain all the necessary instruments to measure and to stabilize the interspinous process.

There are four sizes from 8mm-14mm.

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