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SONOWAND is dedicated to supporting you and others involved in treating patients that require brain surgery with intraoperative imaging innovations, to make you feel confident that you are providing the best patient care in the most efficient manner, ultimately helping patients to endure the change and embrace life anew.


By freehand movement

of the ultrasound probe you can acquire image volume in 3D in 30 seconds or less. Then you will have an accurate image volume, ready to be navigated in. The wide range of ultrasound probes facilitates intraoperative scanning and navigation deep in the parenchyma, superficially in the parenchyma, in the posteria fossa, in the medulla and small craniotomies. Each probe is equipped with a removable, sterilizable probe localizer, and is factory calibrated for precise data acquisition.
kalodia1kalodia210 FPA-MC
This 5-12 MHz probe with elongated tip, is optimal for small and restrained accesses.

• Total Image Range 0–9 cm
• Optimal Image Range 0–5 cm

8 FPA 

This 3-8 MHz probe, is optimal for deep seated lesions.
• Total Image Range 1–12 cm
• Optimal Image Range 2–8 cm


12 FLA
This 5-12 MHz probe with elongated tip, is optimal for superficial lesions with smaller and restrained accesses.

• Total Image Range 0–9 cm
• Optimal Image Range 0–5 cm


12 FLA-L
This 6-12 MHz wide probe, is optimal for superficial lesions.
• Total Image Range 0–9 cm
• Optimal Image Range 0–5 cm

Challenge uncertainty Intra operative imaging is vital in coping with the fundamental surgical needs.The goal is to maximize the resection while minimizing the loss of critical neurological functions. It is essential for you as a Neurosurgeon to:


1. Distinguish lesion from surrounding landmarks


2. Safely guide surgical instruments to the region of interest for resection


3. Control the result of resection and vascular repair

In more than 50% of brain tumor operations,where resection otherwise was considered complete,residual tumor tissue was discovered during the final 3D ultrasound scan.Take a new step to exploit the advancements in image guided surgery through our state–of-the-art intraoperative imaging system SonoWand Invite
1. G.Unsgaardetal. Neuro navigation by intraoperative Three-dimensional Ultrasound Initial Experience during Brain Tumour Resection.
Neurosurgery, Vol.50, No4, April 2002, Page804-812

Predictability generated

by high quality images.
The development of ultra sound guided surgery has revolutionized neurosurgery by providing a perspective of the human brain beyond the scope of our eyes.

The versatile solution

Our commitment to high quality intraoperative 3D ultra sound imaging modality combined with navigation capabilities for neurosurgical applications has resulted in the development of SonoWand Invite TM.

SonoWand InviteTM is an all-in-one solution for image guided surgery. It includes intraoperative imaging in 3D, conventional 2D ultrasound and classic neuronavigation. The system supports a number of trackable instruments and smart accessories. SonoWand InviteTM features a more compact design than conventional two-rack solutions and thereby saves vital space in the operating theatre. SonoWand InviteTM has proven beneficial for multiple clinical indications in neurosurgery, such as resection control for tumor treatment, vascular treatment (e.g. aneurisms) and biopsy. There are also strong indications of using SonoWand InviteTM within catheter placement and cyst drainage.

+ Intraoperative imaging in 3D
+ Stand-alone ultrasound unit
+ Classic neuronavigation system
= The All-in-one solution SonoWand InviteTM


A state of the art tool for accurate planning and execution of image guided surgery throughout the entire procedure.
The intraoperative images from SonoWand InviteTM are comparable in quality to preoperative MRI, and will bring you confidence that you achieve lesion visibility for optimal resection control. The clear and precise images show exactly where you are, at all times.
The possibility to navigate in the intraoperatively acquired 3D images can ensure that you target the correct area within the tumor during surgery, while visualizing critical adjacent structures. In addition, using the real-time images allows you as a surgeon to detect critical areas that may have shifted during surgery. SonoWand InviteTM will help you to detect brain shift and with an navigational accuracy of 1,4 mm3 you will maximize resection possibillities.
The 3D Angio mode enables detection and localiza- tion of vital blood vessels in the navigation scene. This is particularly valuable in minimal invasive surgery and interventional procedures since the risk of bleeding complications presumably can be reduced.
SonoWand Invite´s all-in-one solution for intraopera- tive imaging in 3D, combined with intuitive user interface, 2D ultrasound and classic neuronavigation guarantees a user friendly companion throughout the entire procedure. Besides being multi-functional it is a minor investment compared to a typical intraoperative MRI solution and it saves a significant amount of the time you normally spend on updating the surgical map.
These features combined with your solid clinical judgement help you to decide what is safely operable and achieve the best possible clinical outcome. In short; predictability creates simplicity.

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