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Anatomic Titanium Nailing System

The PFNA WG system is made of titanium alloy and has a sliding mechanism for dynamic stabilization. The cemented blade type permits the cement injection inside the cancellous bone to better stabilize the fractured area.

Biomechanical tests proved that blade has higher cut-out resistance due to large surface and core diameter. The secure system prevents from rotation to hip.

The peripheral screw can be secured either in a static or a dynamic way. Long nails allows for a secondary dynamization and are driven with a precise external driver.

Simple in technique and safe with optimal results and no cut outs.


Femoral Head Compression bone screw DHS Type made by titanium.

The front part haw a screw shape and the back part has a compression

Available in a standard angle 135 with 4,5,6,7,holes for fastening
screws.It is made by five integral parts and they are all compatible with
Each other.

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