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Easy-to-use, portable oscillometric blood pressure monitor that makes patient hook-up fast.

Agilis uses a user-friendly and comfortable oscillometric technique. With Agilis CD, the arterial blood pressure analysis software, the recorder is easily programmed, data analysis is rapid and complete, and customized reports can be edited and printed. Agilis is certified by the European Heart Society and the British Heart Society.

Portable oscillometric blood pressure monitor.

A compact, light, and quiet blood pressure monitor.

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ΚORA 250

World’s smallest full-body AUTO-MRI conditional dual-chamber pacemaker.

Minimum Size. Maximum Outcome.

Featuring SAM:Sleep Apnea Monitoring measures respiration pauses and reduction in respiration.

Featuring Full Body Auto – MRI

12 years longevity in only 8 cc.

Kora 250 is designed to improve patient outcome while driving efficiency in practice.

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Spiderview & Synescope

The multipurpose digital ECG Holter recorder.

Spider View device

Spiderview – a multipurpose digital Holter recorder.

Spiderview is a Holter recorder that is small, compact, easy to use and, above all, conceived for multipurpose applications.

The wide LCD display and the flower-like keypad help to make programming easy.

Spiderview’s initialization tests improve the accuracy and reliability of recordings.

Use Spiderview with your Multichannel-Multiday Synescope software.

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